goals Photograph by MRL Public Sector Consultants

Goals of the TENS Programme

The Goals of the TENS Programme are as follows:

  1. To identify the current problems and challenges within the educational sector at primary and secondary levels in Niger State;
  2. To develop and implement interventions and programme initiatives to address the problems and challenges within the sector;
  3. To transform all Niger State primary and secondary schools in a sustainable way by improving the educational standards, refining learning outcomes and enhancing the standard of the learning environment;
  4. To provide an education and pupil experience that will empower pupils by enhancing teacher’s skills and improve learning access.
  5. To develop mechanisms to continually review and put forward recommendations on the implementation of the curriculum  to reflect the needs of pupils, the labour market, such as entrepreneurial skills development and technical skills acquisitions;
  6. To update and review teaching methodologies to ensure best practice and applicability with the National Curriculum for enhanced performance in national examinations across the State;
  7. To identify and implement the required operational and process transformations within the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in order to effect the desired changes to make the organisation more efficient and effective in undertaking its statutory responsibilities.