Survey and Data Analysis

Keri has several years’ experience in social and educational research. Keri has a BA in Criminology and an MSc in Psychology, which involved extensive research training. Since graduating she has worked in a range of research posts. For example, as Research Co-ordinator for the University of Nottingham’s Students’ Union. Her role there covered a diverse remit including research into market and commercial activity, student experience research and campaign analysis. In this role Keri worked on research projects with students, elected student officers, Students’ Union and University staff as well as with colleagues at the National Union of Students and was required to present research findings in an audience-appropriate manner for these and other stakeholders. Prior to this Keri worked as a Research Assistant within Nottingham Business School at Nottingham Trent University where her first study investigated East Midlands SMEs’ responses to the recession and the second was a multiagency project looking to understand and enhance the experiences of Confucian Heritage Culture students on MBA programs. Project work included interviewing participants, survey design and analysis, literature reviews and presenting initial findings at events.

Since joining Seymour Research in January 2015, Keri has designed, conducted, analysed and reported on both quantitative and qualitative research and has utilised her excellent project management and data presentation skills across a broad range of projects. She has also taken an active role in marketing and promotional work for the company and has served as the main contact for both clients and participants in the research projects she has been working on. Keri’s background in research makes her an added asset to TENS’s team of experienced individual on the Survey team.